We are facing a turning point with deep changes in social and economic paradigms:​
  • new materials and energy resources are replacing traditional hydrocarbons and raw materials, determining new economic and industrial policies​
  • global movement of ideas, people and goods requires innovative low impact mobility solutions, new architectures of cities and use of countryside​
  • new behaviors, wellness and food demand, lifestyles and demographic needs determine new existential values, beyond traditional consumption, care, medicine, leisure approaches.​

Scientific and technological research is playing a strategic role: we need to be in the “cloud of knowledge” that includes and connects communication and things; we must be able to live with new frontiers.
​ In this context traditional economic and finance visions and approaches must change in favor of emerging crowd economy trends.

Frugal, disruptive, reverse and circolar are becoming the new key words. ​

Entering in the sharing society

Valorsec Anstalt decided to participate in the challenge, understanding the need of:
  • a stronger equity driven enterprise evaluation
  • a dramatic change of the value generation from new intangible assets and Internet of Value
  • the renewed community centrality of new born entrepreneurs, irreplaceable engines of society growth and development.