Volta Energy Community

Volta Energy Community is a unique vision of Energy Building and e-Mobility and is adressed to:
  • industries
  • commercial centres and malls
  • residential centres
who are interested to organize a regulated Energy Community* to locally produce, sell, consume and store electric energy.
*RCP/ZEV in Switzerland and REC in Europe

Volta Energy Community components:

1. S2B&W - Sun to Building and Wheel Model to achieve the nZEB (near Zero Energy Building) goal and support the EV migration, through:
  • Business Case
  • Economy & Finance plans
  • Offer Simulation & Benchmark.
2. S2B&W Technologies including:
  • Photovoltaic and BiPV
  • Thermo and Clima
  • EV and related charging systems
  • Stationary and mobile storage systems
  • HW/SW management systems for metering, billing and invoicing

Valorsec Offer for Energy Community